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Learning Objectives:

Students will...

VA.68.S.2.1 Organize the structural elements of art to achieve artistic goals when producing personal works of art.

Project Info:


1. Discuss what line is and where it can be found.

2. Watch the video about line.

3. Complete the line worksheet on the paper provided to you (glue the paper down in your sketchbook).

4. Watch the video about the Day of the Dead. Take KWL notes.

5. Think and discuss with family a name of someone who passed away that you want to honor.

6. In your sketchbook divide your next available page into four equal sections.

7. In each box write the name you want to honor in different ways. For example: horizontal, diagonal, vertical, stacked, etc. (make sure it's legible). 

8. Watch the video about Zentangle designs. Take KWL notes.

9. Choose your strongest sketch and create a division with string in the background. 

10. Inside each division draw in a tangle (pattern).

11. Once you're done get your sketch approved by your instructor and get the 9x12 paper.

12. You have 10 days to complete your design on your final paper.  


Line-an Element of art that is used to define Shapes, Contours and Outlines

Day of the Dead - an annual celebration to honor the spirits of the dead, observed in Mexico and other Latin American countries on November 1 and 2, concurrently with All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day

Zentangle - A Zentangle is an abstract drawing created by using repetitive patterns.  It is usually structured within a certain shape.  Drawing a Zentangle is entertaining, relaxing, and a great way to express yourself creatively.

String - A string is generally a random line drawn in pencil which creates an area within which you draw your tangles.

Tangle - In its verb form “tangle” means to draw a tangle.  You tangle a tangle, and in that process create Zentangle art.   In its noun form this word is used as a replacement for “pattern.”

Reflection Questions:

1. How does the name you designed represent the Day of the Dead?
2. What technique was used to show line?
3.What element and principle of design is exemplified in the artwork? Explain.
4. What was the inspiration for creating this piece of artwork?
5. what would you change if you were to create it again? Why? 


1. Theme-Day of the Dead- Name to Honor

2. Technique- Zentangles

3. Elements/Principles

4. Following Directions 

5. Craftsmanship 

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