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Video Resources:

Learning Objectives:

Create imaginative works to include background knowledge or information from other subjects. VA.68.H.3.3

Project Info:


1. Watch and take KWL notes from Surrealism video. 

2. Create 3 sketches that show either cultural, historical, or artistic reference. 

3. Show your final sketch to the instructor. When it's approved get the 9x12 final paper.

4. You have 5 days to complete your final drawing using one of the inking techniques. 



Surreal-mix of fact and fantasy; bizarre

Reflection Questions:

​1. What three animals did you use to create your unique creature?
2. What technique was used to combine the animals?
3. What principle of art did you focus on in this art piece? Explain
4. What was the inspiration for creating this piece of artwork?
5. What would you change if you were to create it again? Why


1. Theme-Unique Creature 4 3 2 1

2. Elements/Principles 4 3 2 1 

3. Following Directions 4 3 2 1

Used Colored Pencil or Shading with Pencil

4. Craftsmanship - Hanging quality 4 3 2 1

4 A - Above Expectations

3 B - Met Expectations

2 C - Approaching Expectations

1 D - Below Expectations

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