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My goal as an art educator is to help students discover their creative paths. I want my students to recognize their creativity and know that even if they do not become artists they will still be able to use their skills in other areas. Art can be used in Math, Reading, and other subject areas. Art gives a student the ability to exhibit self-expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and historical understanding.


I take great pleasure in teaching courses like Digital Art and Design, Two-dimensional Art, Exploring Art and Three-dimensional art. The main objective I have for my students is to provide an enriched learning experience that includes the use of critical thinking and reflection, historical and global connections, innovation, and technology. I find this objective to be very important because it allows the student an authentic learning experience that can be beneficial upon graduation of high school. Students will understand the foundational concepts in the field.


I use different strategies to teach my students in order to meet my objectives. I use the gradual release model to deliver my lesson, which allows the student a chance to hear the explicit instruction, model the instruction, and have guided practice and independent practice. In order to heighten my instruction I use a SMARTBoard and PowerPoint presentations.


As a teacher I make sure I am aware of the status of my students learning by utilizing a variety of formative assessments. One of the formative assessments that indicate the student is learning is a daily reflection response along with a learning scale I created.

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