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Learning Objectives:

Students will...

VA.68.S.2.1 Organize the structural elements of art to achieve artistic goals when producing personal works of art.



-9x12 Drawing Paper

-Photo of Veteran


Video Explorations



1. Discuss the principle of design, proportion, and where it's found..

2. Watch the video about proportion and scale. Take KWl notes

3. Copy the facial proportion worksheet inside your sketchbook.

4. Watch the video about the Veterans Day. Take KWL notes.

5. Think and discuss with family a veteran that you would like to draw.

6. Watch the video about How to Draw with a Grid. Take KWL notes.

7.Print out the portrait and set-up the grid using 1/2 inch.

8. On the final paper draw a grid using 1 inch boxes. 

9. Label the photograph and final paper with the alphabet for the columns and numbers for the rows. 

9. Using your photograph as a reference, draw the shapes you see in each square.

10. You have 10 days to complete the portrait of your veteran.  



Veteran's Day

Grid Technique -



Reflection Questions:

1. How does your portrait drawing represent Veteran's Day?
2. What technique did you use to draw the portrait? Explain.
3.What element and principle of design is exemplified in the artwork? Explain.
4. What was the inspiration for choosing to draw your subject?
5. what would you change if you were to create it again? Why? 


1. Theme-Veterans Day

2. Technique- Grid Technique

3. Elements/Principles

4. Following Directions 

5. Craftsmanship 

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