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Learning Objectives:

Adobe Certified Associate, Visual Communication objectives
2.1 Demonstrate knowledge of image resolution, image size, and image file format for web, video, and print.
2.4 Demonstrate knowledge of color correction using Photoshop.
2.6 Understand key terminology of digital images.
3.1 Identify elements of the Photoshop user interface and demonstrate knowledge of their functions.
3.2 Demonstrate knowledge of layers and masks.
3.3 Demonstrate knowledge of importing, exporting, organizing, and saving.
3.5 Demonstrate an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to implement a
color management workflow.
4.2 Use Photoshop guides and rulers.

Project Info:


Go to the following website and follow the directions of the tutorials:

Day 1: Get to Know Photoshop

Day 2: Change the Image Size

Day 3: Work with layers

Day 4: Adjust the image quality

Day 5: Make selections

Day 6: Retouch Images

Day 7: Use Color

Day 8: Add text and shapes

Day 9: Combine Images

Day 10: Apply Filters

Day 11: Create Your Own Design Using What You've Learned

Day 12: Complete the Project 


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