University of Florida

Masters in Art Education 

A Study on Represenational Art Instruction at Vosler Young Artists' Studio

"The purpose of the study is to learn the process and results of teaching a classical drawing method, representational drawing, to 21st century students. This study will support my understanding of ways representational drawing can be taught to students who lack drawing skills which I will use to improve my own teaching practice and share with other art educators." 

February 8, 2016

Today I arrived to the studio at 12:20 pm and was greeted outside by one of the students who was going home early due to family being in town.

            When I reached the second floor where the studio is located, I saw the students were on their lunch break and a new student was amongst them.  I said hello before entering the studio where Mrs. Vosler was located.  Like always Mrs. Vosler greeted me with an enthusiastic and w...

February 5, 2016

My friend and I were very excited to attend the Santaella Studios for the Arts’ art opening.  Santaella Studios doesn’t just house the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio but other artists like, Indi Film Makers, jewelry designers, and printmakers.  There are over forty studios and two galleries featured in the old Santaella Cigar Factory in West Tampa.

            Mrs. Vosler invited me to come to the opening to see the students...

January 31, 2016

Today Mrs. Vosler warmly greeted me when I entered the studio. She informed me that the students were on a lunch break at the time and that only two students were present due to homework and sicknesses.  Mrs. Vosler asked if I would be able to model for the students today and I told her I would.  She explained to me how the students really wanted to draw me and would greatly appreciate it. After I got all my research materials...

January 24, 2016

The research at Vosler Young Artists Studio is progressing very well.  Today I was able to interview one of the two students that were present and Mrs. Vosler at the end of class.  I was able to see the engagement students have with their work and how they focus on seeing and drawing the three-dimensional sculpted cast. 

            As music plays in the background the students rarely talk as they work because they ar...

January 17, 2016

I enjoyed another visit at Vosler's Studio. When I arrived the students were still at lunch in Mrs. Vosler's studio and Mrs. Vosler greeted me in the Young Artists' Studio. She explained to me what the students were currently working on for the upcoming art opening. Which was an activity book for kids to color in and learn about value. They plan to sell it at the art opening to help fund necessities for the studio.

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