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On this page you will find information about what we did in the class for the week. You can also look at the project information located on the bottom right. If you want to know about the art classroom and what is expected check out the About the Art Class site link.  You should also check out the student's artwork on Artsonia, the online art museum. 

Students our class access code is: ZWSY-FKRS

Recent Posts

3rd Observation at VYAS

Today Mrs. Vosler warmly greeted me when I entered the studio. She informed me that the students were on a lunch break at the time and that only two students were present due to homework and sicknesses. Mrs. Vosler asked if I would be able to model for the students today and I told her I would. She explained to me how the students really wanted to draw me and would greatly appreciate it. After I got all my research materials ready I asked her if I could interview the two students when they were done with their lunch and she approved. The interviews were better than before and I was able to ask other questions that came to mind.

Once the interviews were concluded I took my place on the stage with the bright lights and black backdrop, which was later changed to a maroon color. The students and Mrs. Vosler started rearranging their easels in order to get a good position to see me and their easel as they practice their sighting technique. Once everyone found her spot I was instructed to find a spot on the wall I could focus on to keep my placement. During the first twenty-minute session the students focused on laying out the thirds of my face. When Mrs. Vosler blocked in my portrait she walked over to the students’ easel to see how they were doing and if they were capturing the right angles. The students were very focused and quiet as they worked. Mrs. Volser said some funny things that made me smile. Once the first session was done I had a two-minute break and was able to see the work the students had so far. After my break I got back into my original place and found my focal point of the wall. I could understand some of the challenges models faced when posing. I had the issue with my eyes. I had on contacts and the light were shinning directly into my eyes. So my eyes would go dry and watery if I kept them open too long. I still enjoyed it though. At the end of the second twenty-minute pose I was able to see what the students produced which was pretty good work.

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