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Read the RCHS Art Room Blog below, to see what is happening in the art room! 

Assignments Page

On this page you will find information about what we did in the class for the week. You can also look at the project information located on the bottom right. If you want to know about the art classroom and what is expected check out the About the Art Class site link.  You should also check out the student's artwork on Artsonia, the online art museum. 

Students our class access code is: ZWSY-FKRS

Recent Posts

Adding Color to Teddy

Today I started the first painting of Teddy with the help of Charles Miano. He advised me to limit my palette to the primary colors red, yellow, and blue along with my tints and shades. This limitation helped me to see the colors of my subject and read them to be either more on the warm or cool side.

The knowledge I gained will help me to explain better the ability to see color and the practice of mixing primary colors to obtain many colors to my students.

So far I have been to three of the three-hour portrait sessions. A first painting can be accomplished in two three-hour session.

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