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Read the RCHS Art Room Blog below, to see what is happening in the art room! 

Assignments Page

On this page you will find information about what we did in the class for the week. You can also look at the project information located on the bottom right. If you want to know about the art classroom and what is expected check out the About the Art Class site link.  You should also check out the student's artwork on Artsonia, the online art museum. 

Students our class access code is: ZWSY-FKRS

Recent Posts

Week 3 Quarter 3

Hi! Click on the applicable link below to find out what happen in the art class this week.

This week Mrs. Daly and I made a few changes with the some classes. We will no longer switch classrooms to teach 2D and Digital Arts. Instead I will teach all two dimensional art and she will teach all digital art classes. If you have any questions or concerns please email us. Thanks!

This week in Two-Dimensional 1 (2d1) we ... Click here to find out.

This week in Two-Dimensional 2 (2d2)... Click here to find out.

This week in Two-Dimensional 3 (2d3)... Click here to find out.

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